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Our company is laser-focused on Quality and Customer Service.  We only provide the highest quality products to our Customers, Community, and Partners. Our Hand Sanitizers meet all FDA, WHO, and CDC guidelines. We provide Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Certificates of Authenticity (COA) on all products.
Robert Lewis, Founder of Dx Feels Good, proudly states that he is “Florida Born and Nebraska Grown”.  His easy-natured laugh and wide smile seem to be a part of all aspects of Dx Feels Good.  Robert spent many years in the Insurance industry and achieved great success, but there was a calling in his life that he had to answer.
Robert always felt that he needed to return to the land.  “My family history is in farming, working the land.  I have grown plants, fruits, and vegetables my entire life.  I kept thinking of how to return to this and do this full time.  The voice inside of my head got to be so loud, that I had to do something”.
This is a familiar story to anyone who speaks with Robert.  It is fascinating how a simple thought can change one’s life and those around them.
In 2015, Robert Lewis began taking steps on a journey that would come to redefine his life and the local community.  Robert began researching the CBD industry.  He did his homework, meeting with industry representatives and insiders, touring facilities, and tending crops first hand.  He voraciously devoured all literature on CBD.
After a cancer scare within his family, Robert knew he was on the right track and pushed the pedal to the metal on opening his first retail location.  “When I saw how my mother was able to regain her appetite and alleviate her pain, I was not going to stop until this product was available to everyone”.
Robert spent years testing and modifying his CBD formulas and products.  He committed to sourcing only the best ingredients to make only the best products.  After years of tweaking formulas, he arrived at his first products: CBD Vapes, CBD Tinctures, CBD Gummies, CBD Dog Treats, and CBD Pain Creams.  The dream was about to become a reality!
In March of 2020, after seeing the way that COVID-19 was altering the daily lives of everyone, Dx Feels Good opened it’s doors and began offering CBD products and Hand Sanitizer to the local community.  What began as a way to assist the community in obtaining CBD products and hand sanitizer at affordable prices, quickly turned into sourcing the best masks and gloves to assist the community in staying safe during these times.  The team at Dx Feels Good quickly applied their supply chain mapping processes to the Personal Protection Equipment industry and was able to source the products that the community was requesting, at prices they could afford.
Today, Dx Feels Good is proud to be a provider of products of CBD and PPE products.  Dx Feels Good stands as a pillar within its community and proudly states that we are American Owned.
We only partner with manufacturers that can deliver timely, quality, and consistent products. We only partner with Industrial Hemp producers who can provide full traceability from seed to sale to ensure that only the most elite Cannabidiol is cultivated for our CBD products.

Who We Are

CBD And IV Therapy

Dx Feels Good is a CBD store in Fort Lauderdale. If you are looking for CBD Near Me, then look no further.  We have premium CBD Edibles, CBD Gummies, CBD Tincture, CBD Vape, and CBD Dog Treats that you are looking for.  We stand by the quality of our products and invite you to experience high quality CBD products.  At Dx Feels Good, CBD “Feels Good, All The Time!”.

Hand Sanitizer, Gloves, Masks

Dx Feels Good is a provider of hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, and the best PPE products.  Dx Feels Good sells products for today’s environment to protect you against COVID-19.  We strategically source products that meet our Quality and Safety standards to provide to the community.  Products must be durable and effective, while being cost effective.  We only provide products that meet these rigorous standards

  • Medical Evaluations
  • Same Day Approval

  • Fast and Affordable
  • Certified Physicians On Staff
  • Walk-Ins Welcome
  • Fast Appointment Scheduling
  • All Products In Stock
  • Same Day Domestic Shipping

Our Mission

  • To help the Customer obtain quality safety products and CBD products at an affordable price
  • To provide the customer with the best options for high quality safety products and CBD products
  • Provide customers with the best solutions at the best value
  • To gain and maintain the trust and loyalty of our customers and community

Stop in to pick up hand sanitizer, gloves, masks and CBD products today.

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